About ChemLife Innovations

Life in all its forms and types exhibits extremely complex network and specific sequencing of chemical processes. In essence, the functioning of living systems is associated with a large number of chemical reactions requiring building blocks, specific entities promoting chemical reactions, molecular adaptations maximizing movement of molecules across the system finally resulting in productivity of highest order.


ChemLife Innovations, with its team of dynamic scientists in the area of systems chemistry with vast experience in understanding of complexity of biochemical process in living matter is proud to present ingredients and formulations containing biomolecules and biosimilar molecules. These ingredients and formulations will represent the most natural way of assuring growth and health need of human, livestock and plants.

ChemLife Innovations, having expertise in various chemical synthesis methodologies, enzyme based reactions and formulation technologies offer customer specific contractual arrangement for developing products, undertake shelf-life studies, support in-vitro simulation studies, arrange in-vivo trials and prepare dossiers based on target market requirements.

ChemLife Innovations, offer to assist customers with trouble shooting projects with reference to products under development or in the market.

ChemLife Innovations offer models and prototypes explaining various chemical and biochemical processes in nature, useful for promoting science literacy among school students.