Ph.D  (Organic Chemistry), DBM (XLRI), DHE (IGNOU)

Immediate Past: Director (Innovation) at Sericare, Healthline Private Limited, Bangalore

Previously Director –Technical at Provimi Animal Nutrition India Private limited

Prior to that faculty in Chemistry at Regional College of Education, Mysore



  • Training on strategic decision making process by INSEAD, Switzerland
  • Leadership development program by Krauthammer, Japan 

Research & Membership:

  • CSIR Research Fellowships
  • Visiting faculty and member of Board of Studies in Industrial/Organic Chemistry of various universities
  • Member of American Chemical Society
  • Member of Indian Peptide Society
  • Member- Manthan (Student entrepreneur promotion committee of FKCCI Bangalore)
  • 26 Papers published in various trade and scientific Journals of Repute
  • Inventor role in 6 Patent applications.
  • Member-Rotary International 

Key result areas: 

  • Innovative Product concepts – From Development to brand leadership
  • Innovative concepts for Provimi Global Feed Solutions for global launch
  • Chelate Technology for making bio-trace minerals as value added food and feed ingredients
  • Alternate synthetic route for cost reduction and value enhancement of a major brand
  • Organic concept: Natural and nature identical based immune modulators and growth promoters
  • Methane mitigation concepts; Prototype development.
  • Use of silk protein as biomaterial for faster wound healing; rejuvenation of skin cells.
  • Use of hydrolyzed silk protein for improving liver detoxification efficiency
  • Product function based specifications and shelf-life study
  • Implementation of Quality Management Systems
  • Building the team and developing human resources 

Skill sets and strengths:

  • Natural and Nature identical molecule based new product development.
  • Manpower resource development and team creations for maximum output.
  • Community entrepreneurship projects. 

International Exposure:

Represented Asia Cluster as Additive Business Developer in high profile Provimi Global Feed Solutions group for five years and contributed to several ideation processes in the area of feed additive

Dr. Sharada K C

Ph.D (Industrial Chemistry)

Trained on strategic decision making process by INSEAD, Switzerland

Undergone Leadership development program by Krauthammer, Japan

Previous work: In Vetcare, CIPLA, Provimi, Cargill, Hikal, Sericare


  • Vast experience of about 19 years in the field of research, with design and development as core competency
  • Developed process for several life saving drugs and successfully implemented in the production.
  • Developed process for various organoselenium compounds having good immune potential.
  • Standardized Organometallic compounds - specifically metal chelates having nutritional importance.
  • Worked on several concept based products in animal nutrition and health for better feed efficiency, immune potential, lean mass deposition, hepatoprotection etc. few of which are first of its kind in the market.
  • Identified active principles in some of the herbs  with good health benefit potential, synthesis, stabilization, microencapsulation to enhance the shelf life, analytical method development, conducting shelf life studies, testing in in-vitro as well as in-vivo model and transforming the concept into a salable and patentable products.
  • Trained in preparing the regulatory documents, dossiers and quality management documents.
  • Presented papers in various conferences and has several publications in national and international journals.

Ms.Sneha Radhakrishna


Founder Director – Right Angle Management Services, Bangalore

Previously - Worked for Mangalore Chemical and Fertilizers in Finance Department


Key result areas: 

  • Analysis of business environment
  • Financial management for better output
  • On-line trading
  • Banking

Skill sets and strengths:

  • Information storage and mining
  • Share market assessment
  • Negotiation