Nature driven functional feed additives…

Goodness of nature through ayurvedic holistic approach

Nature driven functional feed additives…

Novel accelerated
bio-transformation technology

Nature driven functional feed additives…

Protected bio-actives enroute to the site of absorption

Nature driven functional feed additives…

Enhanced bioavailability of bio-actives where it matters

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Chemlife Innovations

At ChemLife Innovations, we understand that the demand for safe and effective ingredients in the food and animal feed industry is growing exponentially. That's why we employ innovative techniques such as purified natural extracts, synthetic but nature identical molecules and green chemistry pathways to ensure the highest quality food and feed additives. Our commitment to reducing waste and maximizing resource utilization is evident in our products, processes, and thought leadership. By staying at the forefront of the industry ecosystem, we support our customers to meet the demands of their consumers and regulatory bodies.

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  • Explore collaboration with us to arrive at & use antibiotic free nature friendly products for animal agriculture

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  • Be part of initiating joint positive actions to support the United Nation’s Strategic Development Goals with reference to Food & Allied areas.

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Our Products

Mono-Gastric animals

Eco-friendly products that promote health and productivity.


Innovative bio-active products that focus on health, increase milk yield and quality.

Novel Feed Additives

Feed Additives for multiple species designed for better growth and feed conversion ratios.

Our eco-system enablers

  • Recognized as one among the top 75 entrepreneurs in India
  • Winner at Regional Finals Hosted by Climate Launchpad, the entrepreneurship offering of EIT Climate-KIC
  • Recognized as one among the top 5 finalists in Animal Husbandry Grand Challenge, 2019


ANBioT is a proprietary platform technology, which works on the principle of releasing bioactive and functional molecules from natural products and agri-byproducts. The key steps of the technology simulates biotransformation processes that occur in nature with the added values of accelerating the rate of transformation, near-to-zero waste regeneration, no-use of organic solvents and building matrix for stabilization & enhanced shelf life of bio-actives.

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