About ChemLife Innovations

  • ChemLife stands for use of basic principles of Chemistry for supporting Life. We have been able to develop green technologies and several novel products.

  • The novel products developed are in the area of Feed Hygiene Quality, Dynamic modulation of Gut, Revitalization of Hepatocytes, Smart Nutrition packages, Natural Growth Promoters

  • Home grown Technologies include rumen bypass & sustained release, site specific enhanced bioactivity, holistic novel nutrient medium extraction & biotransformation (ANBioT – Accelerated Natural Biotransformation) and Green process for trace-mineral chelation

  • Have established Food Quality & Safety standards across all functions of the company and proud recipient of Global FAMI-QS certification

  • Supported by BIRAC, Government of India for developing “Natural Food Preservatives” from wheat bran and “Digestible Saccharides” from paddy straw

  • Recognized by the Government of India and EU based Climate Elective for developing CowStraw Laddu – a nutrient package for ruminants made out of bio-transformed paddy straw.


Vision & Goal:

Develop Green Technologies to obtain active biomolecules
Use Formulation Technologies to enhance bioavailability of active molecules
Offer Sustainable, Alternative, Safe animal feed functional additives for emerging and developed global market

Transparency & Ethics

Policy on Ethics, Transparency and Accountability
We are committed to conducting the business ethically in a transparent manner to the extent practicable and being accountable to all its stakeholders.

Our eco-system enablers

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."
- John Ruskin

Our Approach

Quality & Feed Safety Policy

We develop, produce and supply safe feed additives, animal nutraceuticals & functional ingredients as per standardized specifications and consistently meet expressed & latent needs of customers.

In line with policy, we commit ourselves to:

EXHIBIT high standards of quality in process & products
EXCEED expectations of customers.
EXPLORE green technologies & processes
ENSURE required resources to assure safety of employees through prevention strategy
ESTABLISH norms to meet all regulatory requirements, Quality Management & HACCP systems
EMPOWER employees with necessary tools for career growth
EQUIP the systems for continual improvements
ELIMINATE risks & chances which may lead to Feed Fraud Practices.

In addition, we commit to communicating and ensuring awareness of this policy to employees, collaborators, vendors, service providers, customers and other stakeholders.