Genie is a spirit, often appearing in human form, that when summoned by a person carries out the wishes of the summoner.

We have made use of the fantastic ANBioT results to create a Poultry Genie for fulfilling the unattended need & wishes of the customer through magical formulations for poultry. The products developed & formulated focuses on life cycle of the poultry bird from feed consumption (assuring Hygiene in every grain of feed), Digestion & absorption (Dynamic modulation of gut flora), hepatic & other metabolic functions (Revitalization of multifunctional hepatocytes) and novel nutrients (Smart Nutrients for perfect eggs).


Wiz stands for Wizard (remember Harry Potter!), who has magical powers to create impressive things out of ordinary things within no time. We have looked into various key needs of dairy cattle, sheep & goat and designed magical products from various bioactives using proprietary technologies. The products are specific in their actions & farmers can see the results within a very short period of time. The category of products covers the area of rumen manipulation, nutritional imbalance, milk fever, reproductive cycles, milk yield & quality enhancement, mastitis etc.


Zen represents – Highly meditative state, indicating Stability & Bio-availability

Zen masters are available to alleviate the problems of the masses and they are depicted as vertically arranged stones. Using ANBioT technology we have been able to create a Zen range of animal feed ingredients like biominerals and nonantibiotic growth promoters ensuring higher stability and enhanced bioavailability.