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Calcium and phosphorus are two essential minerals for dairy cows to maintain healthy bones, proper muscle function, and optimal milk production. A deficiency in these minerals can lead to a host of problems such as reduced fertility and poor milk yield. CalpoWiz supplement is designed to help provide a balanced ratio of these minerals to support the health and productivity of dairy cows. It is made from proprietary ANBioT technology with bio-calcium and phosphorus to ensure maximum bioavailability, which means dairy cattle can absorb and utilize these minerals effectively.

Benefits :

  • Reduces mastitis

  • Boosts immunity

  • Improved milk production

  • Provides instant energy

Usage recommendation:

100ml per cow per day

Product presentation:

5l can

Ensuring quality milk

Twins reared apart may show different behaviours.

It all depends on how much genetic makeup & environment of their upbringing influences their behaviour. A study conducted in this regard concluded that about 70% of differences between IQs in twins are due to genetic variation (70% heritability); the remaining 30% of the difference is caused by environmental factors, which is similar to previous research.

We present twin products – having a common factor of Calcium for ruminants – however, the variation is in terms of a form of Calcium – one is covalent and the other is ionic. The formulations are designed and developed with a specific requirement of the cattle. CalpoWiz is designed to support the health & productivity of dairy cows.

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