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For dairy farmers, increasing milk yield is a major challenge. GalactoWiz is designed using high-calorie saccharified granules made by Bio-transforming paddy straw with added bypass fat, protein, and trace minerals. GalactoWiz has been successfully tested in the field and has shown up to a 12% increase in milk production. This provides a more balanced and nutritious diet for the cattle, leading to improved health and increased milk production. Additionally, the use of paddy straw for cattle feed reduces waste and provides a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for small-scale dairy farmers. The development of high-calorie saccharified granules from paddy straw is a promising solution to increase milk production and improve the sustainability of dairy farming.

Benefits :

  • Improves milk production

  • Increases SNF ratio

  • Provides balanced nutrition

  • Maintains hoof health

  • Boosts Immunity

Usage recommendation:

50g per Cow per day or as recommended by the nutritionist.

Product presentation:

25Kg bag

More milk, Higher fat

Marvellous Mushrooms

Fantastic Fungi, an award-winning documentary sheds light on the fantastic workings of a type of fungi, generally called Mushrooms. Life on Earth would be much different without members of the fungal kingdom, which can break down waste to consumable food. By forming symbiotic relationships with other organisms, fungi thrive while sharing nutrients and other substances with their host.

The specific mushroom that we are talking about is the Paddy straw mushroom – which grows on paddy straw & other cellulose-rich materials. The so-formed mushroom contains 30-43% crude protein, 1-6% fat, 12-48% carbohydrates and trace minerals.

The product GalactoWiz makes use of this natural phenomenon and developed a technology to convert hardly digestible paddy straw into nutrition-rich granules for dairy cattle.

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