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Milk fever, also known as hypocalcemia, is a common metabolic disorder in dairy cows that usually occurs in the early stages of lactation. It is caused by a sudden drop in the level of calcium in the cow's blood, which is required for normal muscle and nerve function. Ionic calcium supplements can help to maintain normal muscle and nerve function and prevent the sudden drop in blood calcium levels that can lead to milk fever. iCaloWiz is a source of organic and inorganic forms of ionic calcium which is highly bioavailable. The bioavailability of ionic calcium is enhanced with ANBioT technology.

Benefits :

  • Prevents milk fever

  • Strengthens uterine tone for healthy pregnancy

  • Improved fertility

Usage recommendation:

300g approximately 6hrs before calving and 300g, 6hrs after calving.

Product presentation:

300g bottle

Lactation cycle partner

Twins reared apart may show different behaviours.

It all depends on how much genetic makeup & environment of their upbringing influences their behaviour. A study conducted in this regard concluded that about 70% of differences between IQs in twins are due to genetic variation (70% heritability); the remaining 30% of the difference is caused by environmental factors, which is similar to previous research.

We present twin products – having a common factor of Calcium for ruminants – however, the variation is in terms of a form of Calcium – one is covalent and the other is ionic. The formulations are designed and developed with a specific requirement of the cattle. iCaloWiz ensures a healthy and productive lactation cycle in dairy animals.

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