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Improving egg production per hen is the top priority in layer breeding. Factors such as genetics, housing, and nutrition impact bone and eggshell strength. Calcium and phosphorus play a crucial role in bone and eggshell formation, as well as enzyme and hormone function. Trace elements like zinc, manganese, and copper also affect eggshell strength and have important metabolic functions. Dietary deficiencies of these minerals can cause issues with egg quality and productivity. Calogenie is a unique blend of calcium, phosphorus, and bio-trace minerals designed using novel ANBioT technology to fill the nutritional gap in layer birds.

Benefits :

  • Minimises egg shell breakage

  • Improves egg production

  • Strengthens bone

Usage recommendation:

500g per ton of feed or as recommended by the nutritionist.

Product presentation:

1Kg, 25Kg bag

The shell perfected

Broken artifacts cost millions

Extract from a press release: If you’re walking around priceless artifacts in a museum, you had better make sure your shoelaces are tied. One man didn't check his sneakers and before he knew it, he wrecked three vases of the Qing Dynasty that were 300 years old at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. He tripped on his untied laces and toppled headfirst into a display of Chinese antiquities that were estimated to cost between $400,000 and $500,000.,

Indeed, it was an accident!! But at what cost!!

Are we not in a similar situation in layer industry? About 2% of the total eggs get broken and farmers suffer huge losses – when you see the size & scale of operation which will certainly be the loss of thousands of eggs in every cycle of laying in large farms. Though this is not accidental, there is a good scope for significantly reducing this loss through nutraceutical intervention.

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