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The occurrence and growth of molds in feed is one of the major threats to the poultry industry and causes economic loss along with various health problems. The presence of moisture is favourable for the growth of mold in feed. The problem further gets aggravated with the formation of mycotoxins which are secondary metabolites. Every year a significant quantity of the world's grain and oilseed supply is spoiled or contaminated by various mycotoxins as detailed below.

# Mold Toxin Source Target organs General effects
1 Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticus Aflatoxins Corn and other cereals Liver Fatty/pale liver, decreased feed intake, reduction in egg production, Immune suppression
2 Aspergillus ochraceus, Penicillium verrucosum Ochratoxin Legumes, cereals Kidney Renal failure, wet litter
3 Fusarium tricinctum T- 2 toxin Wheat Mouth & gizzard Reduced antioxidant status, decreased feed intake and weight gain
4 Fusarium verticillioides, Fusarium proliferatum Fumonisins Corn and other cereals Liver, intestine Decreased weight gain, diarrhoea, hepatotoxicity, gasping
5 Penicillium citrinum Citrinin Wheat, oats, maize, barley Kidney, Immune organs Kidney damage, immune suppression, diarrhoea decreased body weight

Since there are many factors responsible for mold formation, a single ingredient may not be sufficient enough to control mold growth. ChemDmold is a versatile mold inhibitor which is a blend of copper chelate of 8-hydroxyquinoline (Oxine copper) potentiated with copper chelated herbal extract mixture which works in synergy to control the mold growth.


  • Dual-action formula inhibits mold growth effectively.

  • Potentiated with copper chelate for enhanced anti-microbial properties.

  • Enhances product quality and extends shelf life.

Usage recommendation:

  • 25g per ton of feed or as directed by the nutritionist.

Product presentation:

25Kg bag

Highly effective against feed pathogens

Escherichia coli

Salmonella typhi

Clostridium sporogenes

Candida albicans

Fast & Accurate like Cheetah:

Cheetahs are extremely fast & have the ability to reach speeds up to 105 km per hour in 3 seconds, making them the fastest land animals over short distances.

Compared with humans, Usain Bolt, a famous short-distance runner, has 44 km per hour as his world record top speed.

Cheetahs hunt a variety of small to mid-sized prey that include springbok, antelope, gazelle and ungulates. Occasionally they also hunt bigger animals like wildebeest, kudu, etc.

ChemDmold is designed to get similar rapidness and accuracy in eliminating molds that crop up in the animal feed and feed ingredients. It is effective against all types of molds. Eliminating mold also means stopping the production of toxin chemicals like aflatoxin, T2 toxin, and Ochratoxin produced by these molds. ChemDmold also can tackle some of the bacterial pathogens which are colonized in the gut of monogastrics.

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