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Trace minerals – zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, iron, etc. are essential nutrients in animal nutrition. They have a wide range of activities and functions within the body, being involved individually or collectively in metabolism, reproduction, immune system, growth, development and repair of various tissues, etc. These trace minerals are present in natural feedstuff such as corn, wheat, soybean meal, etc. as bio-minerals. However, these trace elements are often in inadequate concentrations leading to a gap between the metabolic need of the animal and the quantity fed through feedstuff. Mineral deficiency generally reduces disease resistance and exposes the cells to oxidative stress. To overcome trace mineral deficiencies, inorganic salts are normally supplemented with animal feed. However, the bioavailability of these minerals is low.

Chelated trace minerals are the safe choice that increases bioavailability. Chelate is a form of organic trace mineral which is formed by the complexation of the inorganic salts with one or more organic ligands. Generally, amino acids, partially hydrolyzed protein and amino acid hydroxy analogs are used as ligands. Ideal chelate should be something similar to what exists in feed ingredients and qualifies as bio-mineral. MinBioZen represents a series of Bio-mineral chelates using natural Hydroxy Amino Acids.

Bio-Minerals Available :

  • MinBioZen-Zn: Zn 20%

  • MinBioZen-Mn: Mn 20%

  • MinBioZen-Cu: Cu 20%

  • MinBioZen-Fe: Fe 20%

  • MinBioZen-Cr: Cr 6%

  • MinBioZen-Se: Se-3%

  • MinBioZen-Poultry

  • MinBioZen-Dairy

  • MinBioZen-Swine

The benefits of feeding Chelated trace minerals-

  • Improved fertility and reproductive performance

  • Better growth & strength

  • Improved immune status

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced mortality

Usage recommendation:

As directed by the Nutritionist.

Product presentation:

25Kg bag

Bio-Trace minerals: Designed to Maximize Bio-availability

Musical Notes in Feed Formulations!!

Bio-Trace minerals: Designed to Maximize Bio-availability

Musical Notes in Feed Formulations!!

We all know about raagas in Indian Classical Music, to name a few – Shankarabharana, Mayamalavagowla, Kalyani, Gowrimanohari, etc. It is heartening to know that raagas came out of swaras and swaras were picked up from our humble birds & animals.

The Sapta (seven) swaras (notes) of Indian classical music have their origin in the sounds of various birds & animals made during specific seasons or occasions.

1 Shadja (Sa) Ecstatic sound by the Peacock when it sees clouds of rain assembling in the sky
2 Rishabha (Re) Roaring of a cow when separated from her calf
3 Madhyama (Ma) Cry of Heron (Krauncha Bird)
4 Panchama (Pa) Sound of Kogile (Nightingale) during Spring
4 Dhaivata (Dha) Neighing of Horse
4 Nishada (Ni) Trumpeting of Elephant

A “Raga” refers to varied combinations of the Swaras wherein any swara either can be omitted or repeated. Thus one can create hundreds of Raagas! Complementing this contribution of birds & animals there are seven trace minerals that are very essential to the health & growth of animals & birds. Similar to various Raagas various trace mineral combinations can be made depending on the type of animal or bird, breed & specific functional requirements. The seven trace minerals that we are talking about are Copper, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Chromium, Cobalt and Selenium, all lined up in 4th period of The Periodic Table of Elements.

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