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Once a layer bird starts production expectation is sustainable production cycle till bird reaches 90-100 weeks, nutrient enriched egg production and good quality shell in spite of various stress factors affecting the rearing including water quality, temperature, crowding, mycotoxins in the feed and age of the laying birds. Some of the key issues are optimum ratios of Calcium & Phosphorus, liver health and formation of nutritionally balanced eggs. EggGenie provides a combination of smart nutrients to address all these issues.

Benefits :

  • Enhance quality and quantity of hatching eggs

  • Optimize egg production and egg mass

  • Boost the ovary's performance, which aids in revitalising the female reproductive system.

  • Helps in increased fertility and hatchability.

Usage recommendation:

Mix 250-500g per ton of feed/feed ingredients or as directed by the Nutritionist.

Product presentation:

1Kg, 25Kg bag

Smart nutrients for perfect eggs

Golden egg- a reality?

You all know the story of a villager who had an amazing goose that used to lay golden eggs. He was picking up the golden egg every day and soon became rich. Not satisfied, he thought if he cut open the goose he could collect all the golden eggs at once from the belly of the goose, instead of collecting one every day! He cut open the bird and found nothing and that is the end of the story!!

After all this is a story! However, the story can be made close to reality by value creation for the egg, in terms of making it nutrient rich, stronger protective shells and a sustained & long period of laying. We have designed EggGenie with the intention of getting this kind of golden egg.

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