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Quality of feed ingredients determine the quality of feed, which in turn directly influence feed conversion ratios and hence profitability. The feed ingredients like maize, soya, groundnut cake, cotton seed cake and other locally sourced ingredients face challenges of high water activity within and higher relative humidity & temperature outside during post-harvest stage, transit and storage. These conditions create a conducive atmosphere leading to biological hazards in the form of pathogenic bacteria and fungus which in turn creates chemical hazards in the form of endotoxins & mycotoxins. The hazard potential in the Food-chain starts right in the beginning, badly affecting birds and moves through the value chain to cause food-borne health disorders in consumers. The present methods of attending to these issues is through multiple solutions in the form of using mycotoxin binders (which ignores residual molds), mold inhibitors (specific only to molds not to pathogenic bacteria) and bacterial inhibitors. However, a one-stop solution would be ideal to tackle all the three issues connected with Feed Hygiene. There is a way out in the form of greener, natural & safer magical synergistic bioactive combination in the form of FeedGenie ensuring Hygiene in every grain of feed.

Benefits :

  • Enhance hygiene of feed in terms of eliminating mold and pathogens.

  • Eliminate mycotoxins and endotoxins.

  • Improve gut microflora conditions.

Usage recommendation:

Mix 500g to 1Kg per ton of feed or feed ingredients depending on low or high risk of contamination respectively or as directed by the Nutritionist.

Product presentation: 25Kg bag

Product presentation:

25Kg bag

Highly effective against feed pathogens

Escherichia coli

Salmonella typhi

Clostridium sporogenes

Candida albicans

Hygiene in every grain of feed

Water Demon – Perspective from the past

Hygiene in every grain of feed

Water Demon – Perspective from the past

Once upon a time, far away in a deep forest, there was a community of monkeys and a monkey king. One of those days they were all thirsty and happened to see a pond, unknown till then. Monkeys wanted to get into the water and satisfy their thirst. However, the monkey king was very observant and he saw along the bank of the pond footprints of animals going into the pond but no footprints of them coming back. He cautioned the monkeys that “this pond is possessed by a water demon & therefore don’t get inside to drink water”. In fact, the water demon was waiting to eat monkeys. With no monkeys coming in, he rose out of the pond and urged the monkeys to come & drink water. After seeing the big monster, the monkeys were scared a lot but they were thirsty too with no other water bodies nearby.

Demon challenged the king – “let me see how your monkeys will drink water without getting into the pond, either way, they are going to die”. Monkey king had a plan – he pulled out a soft shoot from the bamboo tree and demonstrated to the monkeys how water can be sucked without setting foot into the pond. Within minutes all the monkeys used the bamboo straw trick to satisfy their thirst without succumbing to the monster.

On similar lines – we now have feed ingredients like soya, maize etc, which with high moisture content and high relative humidity during transit and storage will invite modern water monster “Mold” – which has the capability to destroy the ingredients and also produce toxic metabolites like mycotoxins. This is also a perfect setting for other monsters viz. pathogenic bacteria to come in and affect feed conversion ratios and productivity of poultry birds. However, the magical bamboo straw that we offer is FeedGenie which manages high moisture content and eradicates both mold & bacterial monsters and eliminates the mycotoxin & endotoxin metabolites. Thus FeedGenie works as a Feed Hygiene and a Growth Promoter.

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