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Poultry gut flora harbors diversified ecology that is in a symbiotic relationship with its host. Any drastic changes in the composition of microbial population arising out of higher pathogenic load and associated stress factors can lead to steep decrease in digestion, lowering of immunity and consequent negative effects on growth and health of the bird along with nutritional imbalance.

GutproGenie , which is a combination of key & essential nutrients along with phytogenic pathogen inhibitors & immunity enhancers processed through ANBioT technology can dynamically reverse the situation by reestablishing efficient microbiota thus increasing digestive enzyme secretion and maximizing nutrient absorption.

Benefits :

  • Promotes weight gain and improves FCR

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Improves egg production, shell quality & hatchability

  • Increase reproductive functions

Usage recommendation:

Chicks: 3ml per liter of water;

Broilers, Breeders & Layers : 1-2ml per liter of water or as per Nutritionist recommendations.

Product presentation:

5L, 35L, 200L, 1000L
Also available in water soluble powder form

Dynamic modulation of gut flora

Gut parasites – is not just today’s problem

Dynamic modulation of gut flora

Gut parasites – is not just today’s problem

Analasura, a demon, was tormenting the Devas (gods). The gods went to Lord Ganesha for help. Lord Ganesha became angry and just swallowed Analasura. Analasura produced fire while in the stomach of the lord who felt his stomach and body burning terribly.The lord became so restless that he had to run and jump and could not be quiet. He was offered 21 blades of Durva grass. Immediately the lord got relief from the burning sensation and the Analasura was digested by the lord. From that time the devotees started offering Durva grass in their worship of the Lord Ganesha.

We have seen cats eating durva grass which is believed to help them expel intestinal parasites either by increasing muscle activity in the digestive tract or by some specific bio-actives present, to assist better digestion.

This observation logically indicates that Analsura stands for pathogen which would have got into the gut through food and durva grass is the perfect antidote to that.

Carrying this concept forward we have designed GutproGenie to tackle all digestive disorders, ultimately helping animals to improve feed utilization exhibiting better health & growth parameters.

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