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The hepatocytes are special multi-functional living cells responsible for metabolic, synthetic, detoxifying and excretory functions. It plays an important role in the homeostasis of carbohydrate, metabolism of protein and lipids. It is also responsible for synthesis and storage of glycogen from glucose. Further, it facilitates synthesis of lipoproteins, cholesterol, phospholipids & plasma proteins. It plays a role in converting toxins (mycotoxins, endotoxins, drug molecules) into water soluble less toxic byproducts and ensures its excretion from the body. However intensive poultry rearing practices & effects of mycotoxins induce severe stress on the hepatocytes and can also lead to fatty liver syndrome which in turn affects the efficiency of the liver.

Therefore revitalization of hepatocytes is very much required in order to ensure functional vibrancy of the liver. LivproGenie is a combination of hepatocyte stimulating nutrients along with revitalizing phytonutrients & essential oils.

Benefits :

  • Boosts liver function

  • Rejuvenates damaged hepatocytes

  • Ensures recovery from stress

  • Improves growth, health and FCR

Usage recommendation:

Breeders & layers: 20ml per 100 birds daily for 10 days

Broilers: 5ml-10ml per 100 birds from 2nd to 6th week

Product presentation:

5L, 35L, 200L, 1000L.
Also available in water soluble powder form.

Revitalization of multi-functional hepatocytes

Popeye’s Spinach- Powering the cells:

Everybody knows about cartoon character Popeye's liking for a can of spinach (leafy green vegetable) boosting his muscle power before he gets into a fight. The power of spinach otherwise also has been scientifically proven by many research studies. Apart from iron content, inorganic nitrate appears to be the secret that provides strength by increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria which in turn power the cells & tissues. Spinach and many herbs appear to have a key role in many metabolic activities including reducing stress.

We have taken a leaf out of this concept while designing LivproGenie to assist animals in better assimilation & utilization of nutrients and perfect detoxification in liver & associated organs.

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